News 19 July 2017

SingletrackWorld: “Outcross Plus, what a surprise! Strength, stiffness and performance”

Rachel Sokal, technical editor of the British online magazine, was impressed by the characteristics of the Northwave cross-over model between XC and Enduro technical editor Rachel Sokal seized the opportunity to test Outcross Plus, the Northwave cross-over model between Cross Country and Enduro. Characterized by the Explorer sole, co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles, the shoes exceeded Sokal’s expectations: “…the Outlook Plus is tougher and grippier than a pair of XC slippers, and is lighter and stiffer than a full-blown Enduro shoe…

If was after a shoe matching good performance and strength to ride on rough terrains, they certainly got a positive feedback from Northwave Outcross Plus. “After several months of use and some big riding including long hike-a-bikes they continue to look in really good condition. So much so, when taking the photos for this review, I was concerned that they didn’t look like they’d really been worn and were rather untested”.

More than just strength and wear resistance: Northwave Outcross Plus guarantees stiffness and performance thanks to the Explorer sole, co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles. “The sole is designed to be stiff in the midsole to optimise transfer of power to the pedal whilst having sufficient flexibility further back for walking. I’ve been surprised at how stiff the shoe feels on pedalling, it seems stiffer than my bog-standard XC shoes…

Northwave Outcross Plus offers excellent grip on the slickrock thanks to the Michelin rubber. “I’ve not had a single moment where I’ve worried my foot won’t grip when trudging up trails and clambering over rocks, either from a grip or a flexibility point of view”.

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