News 01 June 2017

Singletracks: “Outcross Plus, finally some reliable shoes!”

Greg Heil, technical editor of the prestigious British online magazine, was impressed by Northwave Outcross Plus’ strength and the outstanding grip provided by the Explorer outsole co-developed with Michelin

Greg Heil, chief technical editor of, seized the opportunity to test Northwave Outcross Plus, the Northwave cross-over model between XC and Enduro, characterized by the Explorer outsole co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles. Heil’s expectations were exceeded in the test, particularly in a way: reliability.

I’ve had a front-row seat to an interesting product trend over the past couple of years: mountain bike shoes that are marketed for “enduro” mountain biking that simply don’t endure. Rather, I’ve used no less than 6 pairs of shoes from 4 different brands that either failed on me completely or wore out rapidly during testing. This lack of endurance from so-called “enduro” products has prompted a quest to find a pair of robust shoes I can put my confidence in. The first shoe I’ve discovered in that vein is the Northwave Outcross Plus”.

Of course, there is much more in the pack, too, and notably the Explorer outsole stood out among the highlights: “Through it all, I found the purchase of the Michelin rubber to be absolutely excellent! Smearing on slabby slickrock, 10 feet off the deck, was no problem. Digging the toes into loose, sliding scree provided traction. And despite bashing the toes and sides of my foot on rolling boulders, my feet came away unscathed. […] Despite months of testing over hundreds of miles of riding, the rubber soles still have an incredible amount of life left!

The final feedback was certainly gratifying: “I am thoroughly impressed by the Northwave Outcross Plus shoes. They’re comfortable to pedal and walk in, the closure system works great, and the rubber soles provide tons of purchase while hiking. And perhaps most importantly of all: the durability of these shoes is top-notch.

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