News 30 August 2017

Northwave presents Flash TH and Raptor TH. Feet warm and cozy: that’s the Thinsulate magic

Outstanding isolation and excellent comfort are the key points of the new Northwave models for the mid-season presented at Eurobike Friedrichshafen. The secret is the Thinsulate microfiber

No brand has such experience in performance Winter shoes as Northwave, but this time the Italian brand looked for a third way between Summer and Winter shoes, and did it with an exclusive partnership. Thinsulate, the famous synthetic microfiber with outstanding thermal isolation and breathability features, is the added value of Northwave’s exclusive mid-season proposals presented at Eurobike Friedrichshafen (August 30th-September 2nd): Flash TH (road) and Raptor TH (MTB), low-cut, summer-like light shoes with unique thermal capacity.

In fact, no other fabric like Thinsulate can match outstanding isolation with such reduced thickness: that’s how Northwave could make a warm and cozy shoe with the look and feel of a summer product.

Flash TH and Raptor TH feature an ultra-snug fitting upper with Northwave’s BioMap Aero Overlap construction, also providing aero advantage. A lining of Thinsulate® 200g does its magic in guaranteeing optimal insulation and warmth, with additional extra thermal coating strategically placed on the toe area.

TPU reinforcements on the tip were designed to enhance the shoes’ abrasion resistance, whilst 360° reflective inserts all over the upper confirm Northwave’s attention to safety and visibility in low-light conditions.

Flash TH is equipped with NRG Air Carbon Reinforced outsole, with a stiffness index of 8.0, providing a good trade-off between comfort and power transmission, whilst Raptor TH features the Jaws Carbon Reinforced outsole (stiffness index 8.0), with natural rubber tread for increased grip. Northwave’s exclusive SLW2 dial and integrated heel system to prevent any slipping cooperate to secure optimal fit and comfort during the riding action.

All visitors can discover all of Northwave’s top novelties at Eurobike at the A7 401 booth until Saturday September 2nd. In addition, tomorrow, Thursday August 31st at 11 in the Room Berlin of the Conference Center East, a press meeting will be dedicated to the presentation of the new high-end models characterized by the exclusive XFrame patented technology, starting with the new top-range cross country performance shoes Ghost XC.

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