NewsRacing 08 December 2017

Third seasonal win for Bertolini at Ciclocross del Ponte

After Brugherio and Silvelle di Trebaseleghe, the Italian National Champion grabbed another prestigious success in Faè di Oderzo with Northwave Ghost XC shoes, Skeleton gloves and Extreme Tech Plus socks

Brugherio, Silvelle di Trebaseleghe, Faè di Oderzo: Gioele Bertolini is shining in the most important events of the Italian cyclocross season. The 22-year-old Italian National Champion gave his Northwave Ghost XC shoes another prestigious success, topping the 16th edition of the Ciclocross del Ponte, on Friday December 8th.

Selle Italia Guerciotti’s rider, also equipped by Northwave with Skeleton gloves and Extreme Tech Plus socks, broke the supremacy of foreigner athletes, preceding the winners of the three last editions, Belgian Vincent Baestaens, second, and the German National Champion Marcel Meisen that completed the day’s podium.

Meisen and Baestaens tried to up in the first lap, but Bertolini quickly closed the gap with the first two athletes, stressing the pace in the second lap.

Meisen could not follow Bertolini, due to the Italian’s better skills on hurdles and hairpins, whilst Baestaens had the chance to fight for the success until the penultimate passage, when the Belgian rider slipped losing the eye contact with the leader. Bertolini continued in his action, claiming a solo win on the finish line, and giving another win to the new loyal allies: Northwave Ghost XC shoes.

Bertolini’s teammate, Northwave’s Jakob Dorigoni, finished eighth. Tenth place for Antonio Folcarelli.

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