News 01 September 2017

For each person his custom arch: Northwave introduces Anatomical Arch Support®

Northwave launched its latest patented tech at Eurobike Friedrichshafen. The innovation eliminates the problems in the arch area

Northwave launched at Eurobike Friedrichshafen (Germany) another major patented innovation to tackle a significant issue for riders any time they select their new cycling shoes. Indeed, as every man is different, and even every foot is different from the other, each rider has his personal needs when it comes to support in the foot arch area, one of the most crucial for the comfort as well as for the effectiveness of the pedal push. Even customized orthopedic insoles don’t prove enough when it comes to technical shoes, whilst the shoes with in-built support can prove too extreme.

Northwave opens a new way of addressing it with its innovative patented Anatomical Arch Support®. It is a special TPU support, externally integrated between the upper and the sole: TPU is softer and way more adaptable than carbon, and that allows the support to adapt to the arch, providing the exact degree of support any rider needs. Northwave moves beyond customized insoles, to give riders their own custom-fit shoes.

In 2018 collection, Northwave equipped the innovative Anatomical Arch Support® on four of its high-range road models: Extreme GT, Revolution, Flash 2 Carbon and Extreme GT WMN.

All visitors at Eurobike can discover the novelties of the 2018 collection at the A7 401 booth until tomorrow, Saturday September 2nd.

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