NewsRacing 09 December 2018

Bertolini is the strongest in Gorizia: first joy of the Cyclocross season

The Selle Italia Guerciotti Italian took his first seasonal CX win at Trofeo Città di Gorizia (Northern Italy) with his Northwave Ghost Pro shoes. Lechner claims third place at Druivencross, in Overijse (Belgium)

A year after the 2017 success, Gorizia remains land of conquer for Northwave’s Gioele Bertolini, who claimed his first seasonal win in cyclocross at the Trofeo Città di Gorizia, stage 4 of the Selle SMP Mastercross circuit that features Northwave among its partners.

One day after the second place claimed at the Ciclocross del Ponte in Faè d’Oderzo, on Sunday December 9th the Italian athlete equipped with the new Northwave Ghost Pro shoes and Skeleton gloves repeated the success of 2017, prevailing in a duel with Nadir Colledani, who came in as runner-up at 8 seconds. Cristian Cominelli completed the podium crossing the finish line in third place, preceding Northwave and Selle Italia Guerciotti’s Jakob Dorigoni.

In Overijse (Belgium), at Druivencross, Northwave’s athlete Eva Lechner (Creafin Tuvsud) finished third preceded by Dutch Lucinda Brand and Brit Nikki Harris Brammeier.

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