NewsRacing 09 December 2018

Bertolini and Northwave runner up at Ciclocross del Ponte

Selle Italia Guerciotti’s athlete claimed the second place in the international cyclo-cross competition in Faè d’Oderzo (Veneto, Northern Italy). Lechner third at Brico Cross in Essen (Belgium)

Gioele Bertolini stepped on the 17th Ciclocross del Ponte podium in Faè d’Oderzo (Treviso, Veneto, Northern Italy). Equipped by Northwave with Ghost XC shoes and Skeleton gloves, Selle Italia Guerciotti’s rider grabbed the second place in one of the main Italian cyclo-cross events.

Winner in 2017, the Italian rider crossed the finish line of the Men’s Open race behind Belgian Vincent Baestaens, whilst the Italian National Champion Luca Braidot completed the day’s podium. Fifth and sixth place for Bertolini’s teammates supplied by Northwave, Jakob Dorigoni and Stefano Sala.

Further good news for Northwave came from Belgium: Italian Eva Lechner (Clif Pro Team) finished third at Brico Cross, in Essen, preceded by Dutch Maud Kaptheijns and Lucinda Brand.

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