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EUROBIKE PREVIEW – More power, less pressure: Northwave presents Ghost XC with XFrame® technology

The exclusive patented technology that eliminates pressure points debuts in mountain biking on Northwave’s new top-range shoe, featuring the exclusive Ultralight XC outsole co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles for advanced ground control

Last year, at Eurobike FriedrichshafenNorthwave launched a major innovation with its Extreme RR road shoes, the first display of the revolutionary XFrame® patented technology: the elimination of all pressure points on the upper and the snuggest ever fit were achieved thanks to exclusive solutions and materials. Over the year, riders at every level have seized the comfy and efficient feeling of Extreme RR, and many have wondered when Northwave would have extended the innovation to its top-level mountain bike shoes.

The time has come. At 2017 Eurobike Friedrichshafen, Northwave will officially present its new generation of top-range mountain bike cross country shoes: Ghost XC is the first MTB shoe by Northwave featuring the exclusive XFrame® Technology.

The innovative technology adds to Northwave’s extensive expertise in MTB shoes, and the performance of the exclusive Hyperlight XC outsole – co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles – to make Northwave’s most performing XC shoe ever.

XFrame® technology: no more pressure points

Northwave’s patented XFrame® technology makes pressure points a thing of the past, thanks to a new upper construction, made of new generation materials: inner mesh for increased comfort, a stiffened mid layer for even support through the support, and a 0,5 mm highly wear-resistant outer film for protection. In addition, rubber inserts in the more exposed areas to scratches and blows act as additional protection for the upper and the foot.

The combination of such ultra-soft and comfortable materials with a redesigned closure that sets new benchmarks in terms of fit uniformity around the entire foot: with XFrame®, the performance of Northwave’s exclusive SLW2 dial – allowing step-to-step and complete release with only one trigger – is enhanced by the innovative route of the cable on the upper.


A complex system of angles, designed with geometric precision through special tapes, creates a unique frame over the upper to provide the snuggest and most even fit ever, eliminating the pressure points while being extremely easy to adjust with only one SLW2 rotor. No detail was left unchecked: Northwave picked Dyneema instead of steel as material for the SLW2 wire. Dyneema is highly-resistant, but also soft: that means much better adaptation to the foot anatomy, eventually leading to a better and more precise fit, with no pressure points.

Hyperlight XC outsole: Michelin’s material technology for superb grip
Another major asset of the new Ghost XC is the Hyperlight XC outsole, inspired by MICHELIN Wild Race’r mountain bike tyre, another product of the established and fruitful cooperation between Northwave and Michelin Technical Soles.

Fully realized in unidirectional carbon fiber, Hyperlight XC is the outcome of biomechanical studies to locate materials only where actually needed for maximum efficiency, so to be able to combine very low weight and extreme rigidity – it grades 14 in the Northwave stiffness index.

The sole’s sculptures are realized through the innovative Dual Layers Compound Technology, combining two compound layers with different characteristics: the first provides maximum flexibility, acting like an independent suspension, while the second is tougher and more resistant, for improved traction and endurance.

Aggressive sculptures in the toe and heel areas provide the ideal grip and traction, while the side sculptures are there to guarantee stability, and are melted into the soles structure for unprecedented resistance. Michelin’s OC compound, 28% more wear-resistant than TPU, also guarantees superior endurance.


More coming up
Northwave’s XFrame® concept has been further developed by the Italian company: in fact, more novelties from Northwave are ready to join Extreme RR and Ghost XC in the family. Ghost XC and the other top 2018 proposals from Northwave will be unveiled in a press presentation at the upcoming Eurobike Friedrichshafen.

Northwave’s stand will be located at Pavillon A7, booth 401.

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